Casino games are different at Royal Panda

Royal Panda has built its reputation in the UK mainly on the back of its online Bingo games and some very creative advertising thereof; but its Royal Panda’s casino that is now rapidly building its reputation as one of the country’s best online casinos.

And this is an interesting phenomenon because – as a rule – the casino player is a very different animal to the online casino player. In short, the casino player sees his or herself, generally speaking, as a more serious gambler – whereas Bingo gamers are usually playing more for the fun of the games than anything else.

So, for example, Royal Panda could easily have decided to brand its online casino as something different altogether – but it didn’t. Instead, what Royal Panda seems to have decided to do is to take all the investment it has made in differentiating its Bingo games, and to put that branding to good use for its online casino. Perhaps, then, Royal Panda anticipates that the same players who currently play Bingo or slots will make the transition to its casino games like poker, blackjack, roulette and many others. If Royal Panda is successful in achieving this, it could be a first. But there seems no logical reason why this shouldn’t be the case.

But what’s perhaps most notable of all is that Royal Panda Casino has put a lot into its casino games that make them a little bit different from the mainstream. Perhaps this is an acknowledgement that the site is chasing a different kind of punter form the usual casino player?

One of the many facets that set Royal Panda’s casino games apart are the 3D graphics. These really seem to put players in a real casino and when they’re teamed up with the sound effects, it creates something a little bit different.

Royal Panda has worked hard to build its Bingo reputation on adding different elements to the games to make them more fun. And this is also reflected in the site’s new online casino. Some games can be played quickly and easily like Hi-Lo and the more straightforward versions of blackjack and poker etc. But other games take a little more understanding and there are different twists and layers that make them a little more time-consuming to understand, but very rewarding for those who make the effort. All players can play all the games in demo mode to get used to their features – or permanently in this way if that is their choice.